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We Provide Psychological Services That Are Tailored to Your Needs

Break Free From

Stress and Anxiety 

Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling, PLLC provides a wide range of psychological services in Dallas, Texas and nearby areas. We help men and women who are going through traumatic experiences or living with mental illnesses.

The four main components to provide services are:

  • EAP Services
  • Social Security Disability
  • Treatment in Geriatric Nursing Facilities
  • Bariatric Assessment 

Our Services

          • Bariatric (Personality) Assessment
          • Diagnosing of Mental Disorders
          • Emotional and Intellectual Assessments
          • Spanish-speaking therapy services
          • Group Therapy
          • Psychotherapy Services for Individuals
          • Stress Management

We Help You Overcome:

          • Adjustment Disorder
          • Chronic Pain
          • Depression
          • Panic Disorder
          • PTSD
          • Persistent Stress
          • Insomnia
          • And More

Get in Touch Any Time 

Additional services will be provided using the BPTalk app to connect clients to a therapist after hours or if the patient is unable to meet at the office during office hours. You can call or email us for more details.

Contact Us